Do I believe that everyone is put on this earth for a reason?…Yes, I do.

I do however also believe that not every one of us will ever find out what that reason, our purpose is.

Some people are not even looking for what their purpose may be in life, they are living day to day and are doing just fine. After all, you can’t find something that you are not looking for.

All people who live a purpose driven life have certain things in common and one of those things is something called Awareness.

Awareness is the principle characteristic that drives people to a life full of purpose.

There are three things that you need to be aware of:

1. Your World: Where you born and raised, your current environment, who you surround yourself with and what influences you to take certain decisions.

2. Your perspective and your narrative of yourself in relation to the world that you live in: Being aware of what your inner voice is constantly telling you and what you believe the story of your life is.

3. Your Vision: Your forward looking perspective, how you see the future and where you see yourself in that future.

It is extremely important to realise that your awareness in any situation is crucial to you discovering what your purpose is, success in life and making a ton of money is only a part of the equation.

How true is it that once people start tasting money and realising the options and opportunities that it affords them in life, they are often left with an urge to acquire more money?

How often is it true that a person will move from company to company because they are being offered more money and not because the work that they will be doing is going to have any impact nor will it make a difference?

Though money is important, the single pursuit of it alone will leave you in a vicious and never ending cycle to acquire more; those who are infinitely pursuing money are subconsciously looking for their purpose without realising it.

Awareness is the key to helping them break out of this cycle.

Let’s become aware…

The first part of being aware is to look at everything that you do on a daily basis, the time you wake up, your daily routine, the job that you do, what your thoughts about your career are…everything is important and will ultimately lead you down the path to purpose.

Imagine how much harder you would work at your job if you knew that the current work that you are doing is part of the purpose that you are meant to fulfil?

No matter how dull and mundane your daily tasks are you would probably approach them with a new energy, when you encounter obstacles or challenges you would push your mind much more to come up with a solution.

Your positive attitude would be infectious to everyone around you, you would stop moaning about how the company doesn’t care about you and see the value that you offer, you would stop bitching about how crap your boss is and how he doesn’t know what’s going on.

And weirdly enough you would probably end up being promoted, having more responsibilities and accountability and you would end up earning more money!

This is just one example of the true power of awareness.

Let’s take a look at another example…

Are you aware how your behaviour makes the people that you care about feel, are you aware of the negative thoughts that go through your head on a Sunday evening when you come to the realisation that your weekend is over and you have to go to work tomorrow.

Are you aware that your Friday night drinking binges are restraining and holding you back from finding your true purpose?

When I came to this realisation, my work became more pleasurable, I stopped being jittery and nervous about the future, I started sleeping better at night because I was aware of all the things that were happening in my life, why they were happening and what role they were playing in my life.

My plea to you is that you would start observing all that is happening in your life, think about it as though you were outside your body, look at how you react to things, and become aware of how people react to you.

My hopes and wishes for you are that you become attuned to that inner voice inside of you that you have been ignoring up until now.

My prayers for all of us is that we may all become aware of what our purpose is for living and to spend the rest of our waking days pursuing it.


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