This is your life

“The unexamined life is not worth living” – Socrates

Life is boring if it is routine.

It is worthless if we only live it only for ourselves, unfulfilling if our greater purpose is not something so big that it scares us.

Life is wasted if it lacks direction and if it lacks faith in something Greater.

Sitting, pondering and trying to figure out what life is, is useless.

The only way that we may ever come to any conclusions about what life actually is, is by living our lives and sharing our experiences with others.

Life is designed to lived in community with others, even though life is a personal experience it should never be a private one.

Life is putting aside the fact that you are 33 years old, letting go of things that hold you back, running outside and dancing in the rain with the toddlers from next door.

Life is buying your Mom flowers and telling her you love her even when it’s not Mothers Day.

Life is when the girl you thought you would marry leaves you and you later realize that it was probably the best thing that could have happened because you have met someone better.

Life is when you accept that you will die one day and that every moment you spend doing things that you don’t want to be doing is a moment that you will never get back.

That with each and every breath, we are one breath closer to death.

To live is to realize that your Dad is not Superman, that he is flawed and to love him more because in that moment you realize that he is just human and that you would have probably made the same mistake had you been in his shoes.

Life is falling head over heels in love with the girl who sits two rows in front of you in your English Literature class, then asking her to be your girlfriend with a letter that has a “yes or no” box drawn on it.

To live is to come to the understanding that even though there are greater things out there that are beyond our control, we were born with the ability to come out on the other side of any challenge or obstacle stronger and wiser.

Life is when the clue you give your friend during a game of 30 Seconds is “That thing we spoke about earlier today” and they answer correctly on their first attempt.

Living exists in pushing, pulling, asking questions and never settling.

Why do so many of us spend our lives not living for a greater purpose?

Life is accepting that Lawyer, Doctor or even Accountant is just a job title and not who you really are!

Why do we not reach beyond what we already have and what we already do?

Why do we keep living off past glories instead of pushing ahead and striving to make better ones?

If life is this big miracle, why do we do choose to not embrace it, see it as such and to wake up everyday with this reality as the first thought in the morning?

We’re not given such a miracle just to fit in, to be normal, to follow the crowd when deep down the crowd is killing us internally everyday.

We’re not put here, in this moment, surrounded by these people, given these talents, this worldview, these interests, passions and experiences to simply come home to drunken weekends, to gossip about what so and so did last week and to spend countless hours in front of the box ‘Keepin’ up with the Kardashians’.


We’re meant to step out of our comfort zones each and every single day, we’re meant to feel, to smile, cry and laugh.

Death is a reality and it’s imminent arrival should be a constant reminder that we are not meant to look back at our lives with regret!

Our biggest regrets will never be not spending more time at the office nor will they be not owning a Maserati.

Our biggest regrets will be not doing what we felt we were meant to do deep down, not having loved deeply nor allowing ourselves to be loved, not showing those whom we love most just how much we love them.

We won’t regret failing after trying, we will however regret not trying at all.

We think we’re insignificant and that our opinion doesn’t matter so we never speak up, we never stand up for ourselves or others around us that need someone to stand up for them.

We think we’re worthless so we never put ourselves out there in this one and only precious life that we have.


The only way any one of us is ever going to prove ourselves wrong is if we do the things that we fear most and embark on the journey we should have ventured out on so long ago.

The beautiful thing about life is, it’s never too late.

It’s never to late to love, to cry, to laugh.

It’s never too late to live.

Those who are truly living intentionally know all of this already or at the very least they are learning.

They realise that never in history has there ever been anyone like them and never will there be anyone like them.

They know that they cannot live the cookie-cutter life.

We are unique. We are molded by our experiences, our experiences make us unique.

So go on that road trip, take that cooking class, train for that marathon, stop playing small and see what you’re made of.

You’re far stronger than you’ve led yourself to believe up to this point.

There’s no day like today to get started living.

This is your life!


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